A Wish For You: My Wish Box Experience for a Partner and Mentor

A couple of months ago, my sister Natalie wrote about her experience with a company called A Wish For You.  This company allows you to personalize gifts to loved ones and friends through a 3-step process with a great price point. Sounds awesome, right? I know! I hit that "like" button on their Instagram page [...]

I Went to Counseling for the First Time in Four Years.

...and that's a big deal. I have been threatening to go back to counseling at least since last year.  I remember feeling like I was succumbing under the pressure of working a full time job in DC and then driving an hour to Manassas at least three times a week to perform another at least 10 [...]

The Summer that Saved My Life

I've been on a break from most things this summer. Like...there was zero motivation to do anything regarding the blog or anything that required too much energy. I just didn't have it in me. I didn't come to fully appreciate mental health really until this summer when I could feel myself falling back into depression. [...]

Mental Health Awareness Month: Self-Care as a Priority

Today is the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States.  It has been a long May for me personally, with lots of waiting and lots of personal boundaries pushed.  I have felt tons of pressure to always be present and always be helpful and it has left me feeling drained.  Completely [...]

Approaching Reciprocity, Part 2: Why I Still Struggle with God

I am going to be very honest.  I don't know the last time I spoke to God about things concerning my life.  The big things.  The things that scare me.  The things in my heart to do.  The things that I struggle with God about in some major ways.  I just...haven't had the words, per [...]

A Note to You on Valentine’s Day (By You I Mean Me)

There's always something in me that breaks around this time of year. I've been actively expecting this day to roll around this year, as with every year, always resolving to be stoic and to put others before myself in order to achieve some worth from this day.  I thought I'd do the same this year [...]