Donating Discomfort.

There are times in life where you are able to see that other people are more invested in your discomfort than you are. And the thing is - people don't necessarily mean to be. When this year started, I was tapped to be the Maid of Honor in one wedding. By February, I was tapped … Continue reading Donating Discomfort.

Approaching Reciprocity.

I've always been one who has bent over backwards to support other people.  Perhaps it's the way I was raised, perhaps it's natural bend of my personality.  At any rate, I try my best to be there for the people in my life, especially when they are doing the good work to start a movement or … Continue reading Approaching Reciprocity.

On Relational Breakdowns: Finding Peace in the Options

I won't say that social media has made things like break ups and the breakdowns of friendships harder but it certainly has made the healing process an interesting one. I was the person who always thought that people would want to stay in my life forever.  I figured I was a pretty good person to … Continue reading On Relational Breakdowns: Finding Peace in the Options