What’s in a Name?

“The Girl with Black Pearls”™

The inspiration for the name of this brand is from my paternal grandmother, Lula Virginia Burton.  She passed away when I was five years old but there are so many memories that I have of her that I carry with me.  She used to say that my eyes looked like black pearls.  That is the first powerful compliment that I can remember receiving and my parents would remind me often of my grandmother’s sentiment.  I named this brand as such to honor her and my maternal grandmother, Helen Wright King, both of whom believed in me and poured into me from the beginning.


Above: Lula Virginia Burton

Nana 2

Above: Helen Beatrice Wright King

As I got older, I was always able to keep this one particular compliment in mind.  I know that my grandmother was speaking specifically about the beauty found in my eyes, but when I considered what to name this brand, I chose The Girl with Black Pearls because it reaffirms not only physical beauty but it can be expanded to include the beauty in what I wish to share with the world.  Black pearls are precious gems that are hard to authentically come by.  In a world where everything can be duplicated and modified in order to meet certain criteria, true black pearls retain a high value because they are not naturally produced much and cannot be found everywhere.  This brand, The Girl with Black Pearls, endeavors to offer what cannot be easily duplicated and what has a high value attached to it – the beauty of wisdom shared through written experiences, the beauty of empowering others in their journeys to destiny, the beauty of exposing greatness to the world through allowing others’ voices to be heard.

The Girl with Black Pearls is authenticity.  The Girl with Black Pearls is vulnerability.  The Girl with Black Pearls is love.  The Girl with Black Pearls is empowerment.

From this little girl’s eyes to this young woman’s voice, I hope you enjoy what you see and read.

xo Ash


“i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it…” – E.E. Cummings

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