Ranisha Grice is a faith-based blogger and businesswoman.  Fearlessly tackling topics that are important to her as a woman of faith, Ranisha hopes to be able to play a part in growing the faith-based/spirituality-based niche within the blogging world.  She’s passionate, fearless, and sure of what her purpose is.  I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about her!


Ranisha Grice

  1. Q: What is the background behind How did you get the inspiration to start blogging?
    A: The background behind is on a spiritual level it include having faith in something bigger than me. I got inspiration to start blogging, because I knew I wanted to say something and be heard. The best thing about blogging is being able to say what you want, and how you want to say it. I can still reach believers without being ordained the bible say in 2 Corinthians 2:14 “Tell others about the Lord and spread the Gospel like a sweet perfume”.
  2. Q: Your blog seems like more of a passion to you. What do you hope to achieve through it?
    A: My blog is a passion to me especially knowing I can make money by using it. I have made over $600 by using my blog as a way to market and promote for other businesses. I pray to achieve my purpose in blogging and not be so distracted by what’s going on with other blogs that don’t serve my audience.
  3. Q: It can be difficult being a blogger about primarily faith/spiritual issues, since that doesn’t really fall under the main categories of blogging right now (i.e. lifestyle, fashion, etc). What is your hope that can bring to the world of blogging?
    A: It’s not as difficult as it seems; it’s just not a lot of popular voices surrounding the faith market. When you come into blogging it’s not for a category its for a purpose. I pray I reach the people who are for me; there’s enough people in the world for all of us. I’m trying to do what no one is doing. The fashion bloggers will flood the fashion market, but are the faith bloggers flooding the gospel market? Some people do things their way and expect God to bless it; no, do things for his glory and he shall provide your needs. I just want to be someone’s favorite faith blogger without even knowing it.
  4. Q: What role do you see yourself playing in growing the niche for faith-based bloggers?
    A: By you asking, it’s giving me the opportunity to be the leader for my community. Someone is doing the same thing, but are they doing it for the same reason? My role would be doing most of the work to get us faith bloggers seen and heard. I’ve got to put in work no one else is willing to do. There hasn’t been a time where I’ve enjoyed any fruit without any labor. What separates us is the people we want to reach. You can grow much faster reaching all believers instead of just reaching a specific hair texture, race, or denomination and things of the sort.
  5. Q: What is your biggest inspiration for and what keeps you invested in your brand?
    A: My biggest inspiration for is the fact that I actually inspire people and they want to hear more of my stories and to know that I started at the beginning just like everyone else. I don’t have any editor friends who run national publications, though I submit and work just like the rest of us. I stay investing in my brand; there’s always something I do or did that gets added to the accomplishments, whether it’s running a challenge or giving my audience 30 ways to do something.
  6. Q: is a multi-faceted brand, which I love. Do you mind expounding more on other services you offer through your website?
    A: I don’t have any other services I offer other than the ones listed on Ranisha is Love.  I want to be good at one thing before I jump into a community trying to do 10 things at one time. That’s how people lose focus and no longer become interested too many voices and too many services, unless you are really good at it and have a team with experience. I’m more of an in-person connection; you have to want to get to know me personally to come to one of my workshops located at one of my resorts. I don’t sell online masterclasses and courses. I like to hug people and hang out with them.

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