Entrepreneurial Spotlight: JEWELS BY CRYS

Today’s entrepreneurial spotlight is on JEWELS BY CRYS.  The owner, Crystal Garner, is a beautiful, young, newlywed woman who turned an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to fulfill a dream.  Her jewelry is unique, chic, and reasonably priced – three things that I LOVE!  I hope you will join me in helping this young entrepreneur and military wife in building her empire and funding her dreams.  Support! – xo, Ash!

crystal garner

When was Jewels by Crys founded?
January 17, 2012 (I’ve been creating since High School).

What was your inspiration for starting Jewels by Crys?
I got laid off at my job at a bank…a boring bank—-> January 16, 2012!

What has been your inspiration to keep Jewels by Crys going?
My inspiration has been to simply do what God tells me to do, that definitely keeps me going! I love to create any and everything! I’m a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) queen! I love fashion, and accessories! Being as though I taught myself how to do a majority of the pieces I do, that also keeps me going!

What’s been your greatest lesson from entrepreneurship?
Patience! Lord have mercy! Anyone who knows me….. understands my struggle with being patient. It’s taught me to appreciate & value time! It’s taught me to always take gifts and talents seriously! It’s taught me to NEVER stop, and always keep going!

Where do you see Jewels by Crys in ten years?
The million dollar question! Lol
I see Jewels by Crys having an online boutique! I’m a military spouse so being 24yrs old, not sure where I’ll be living next. Also seeing as how everything is on the internet! It would be great to keep an online store going strong! Hit me up in 10 years! ;)​

What, in your opinion, differentiates your products from others?
My jewels simply unique…I mean pretty legit! Super cute! Affordable! Stylish! For almost all ages! One special thing is that, I pray before I create my pieces, to make sure my heart and mind are in the right place. That helps JBC stand out from other companies. All these jewels are from my heart.

What is the best piece of advice you have received on your entrepreneurial journey?
Always stay true to you. Ask for help. Promote. Take ideas and make them your own. Stay organized. Trust God. Pray. Be Patient, and NEVER give up. Those things have truly encouraged me!

What is the website? http://www.jewelsbycrys.com

What ways can people learn more about what Jewels by Crys is doing (listserv, newsletter, etc)?
Follow me on Instagram: @JewelsbyCrys
Like my page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jewelsbycrys
Shoot me an email anytime for custom orders, questions, anything: jewelsbycrys@gmail.com

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