The Summer that Saved My Life

I've been on a break from most things this summer. Like...there was zero motivation to do anything regarding the blog or anything that required too much energy. I just didn't have it in me. I didn't come to fully appreciate mental health really until this summer when I could feel myself falling back into depression. … Continue reading The Summer that Saved My Life

Terms & Conditions Apply

2016 is quickly approaching its end and I think most people are ripe and ready for the new year. December has been a very weird mixture of good things and "why can't life just cooperate?", but that has been the whole of 2016 for me. One moment I'm singing The Wiz's "No Bad News" and … Continue reading Terms & Conditions Apply

Better is the end of a thing.

It's been thirty-four months since I started this blogging journey.  And what a journey it has been.  I've grown and I've evolved and this blog, the brand, has been one of the greatest catalysts for that growth.  Despite the visions and hopes I've had for growing and continuing to develop this blog, I've made the decision to discontinue … Continue reading Better is the end of a thing.

The Degree that Almost Didn’t Happen

On this coming Saturday at 10 am, I will be seated in graduation regalia at Liberty University, impatiently waiting for the moment I hear my name called.  This is a moment that admittedly almost didn't happen. When I started my tenure at Liberty, I began as a student in the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters program. … Continue reading The Degree that Almost Didn’t Happen

Let’s Talk About Questions…

Hello and Happy Women's History Month to all!  Also, Happy Dr. Seuss Day to all who celebrate! I come to you all today with a very particular problem in mind.  I posted this very real interaction yesterday to my personal Facebook page: Him: Do you have any children? Me: No. Him: What are you waiting … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Questions…

Skinned: My [Incomplete] Journey to Self Love

Firstly - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2016 be everything sweet! I may have told this story before but I'm telling it again. When I was 7 years old, I was playing on the stairs of my childhood church when I lost my footing and fell down the entire staircase.  Thankfully, I was not seriously injured … Continue reading Skinned: My [Incomplete] Journey to Self Love

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!

I loved the students I was blessed to work with last year.  With one group, the lead teacher and I would give the students one minute math drills at the beginning of almost every math class session.  The students started on the same level at the beginning of the year.  Once we gave them the … Continue reading Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!


This blog is based loosely off my experience attending the Charm.Beauty.Fear event hosted by Princess Kut, LLC.  Special thanks to Ms. Krystle Maclin (CEO) for hosting an event of this kind, which served as a tremendous source of encouragement to me. CHARM. [chahrm]
 1. a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty: charm of manner; the charm of a mountain lake.
 2. a trait or feature imparting this power. 
3. charms, attractiveness. I sat in my Dad's office … Continue reading CHARM.BEAUTY.fear.