Better is the end of a thing.

It’s been thirty-four months since I started this blogging journey.  And what a journey it has been.  I’ve grown and I’ve evolved and this blog, the brand, has been one of the greatest catalysts for that growth.  Despite the visions and hopes I’ve had for growing and continuing to develop this blog, I’ve made the decision to discontinue this blog as it is.

I’ve struggled with this decision over the past few months.  I knew that I did not have the time to really put all of the energy necessary into blogging on a consistent schedule in order to really engage and grow a readership.  The inspiration to sit down and actually write was waning and there was no way for me to really know if people were even reading anymore when I would post in between my weeks-long hiatuses.  And now, I’m at a point in my life where I am working three jobs and trying to just keep my head above water for the things I have to do.  However, I did not want to just fade off without the opportunity to thank all of the people who have been along this ride with The Girl with Black Pearls for the past almost three years.  This has been the longest I’ve remained consistent to something that I am building and I keep hoping that I’m not prematurely “quitting” on this baby of mine.  This is a decision that hurts because I don’t want to say I gave up.  That’s giving me all types of different feelings.

First things first:

I cannot say thank you enough to each person who has ever read or supported me in this endeavor.  I know I can be a bit loquacious and for some of these post you may not have even known what to make of what I was saying but you all have stuck with me.  I’m grateful to be able to open up my life in this way to and I appreciate all of the messages, calls, words of encouragement, and even the challenges that I have received over the past three years.  It has all served to strengthened me and has indelibly marked my life.  THANK YOU.

What this does not mean:

This does not mean that I’m fading into oblivion nor does it mean that I’m giving up on my dreams to accomplish my purpose my way.  The itch for me to get out here and make things happen in a way that allows me to utilize all that I’ve been given and not just work under a guise of being helpful is growing more and more each day.  At this point, that just means that I have to set some things down so that I have the space to do the good foundational work to get the greater things off the ground.


What this does means:

I’ve been dreaming more vividly over the past few weeks about what I discern my next direction will be.  Without going into too many details because [it’s all still a dream], I hope within the next year to begin laying down the foundation for a mission much bigger than just a blog.  Within that foundation, The Girl with Black Pearls will be rebranded as possibly a mentoring type group under the umbrella of an organization that merges two or three different foci.  In other words – this isn’t a true ending to The Girl with Black Pearls; it will just be retooled and utilized differently than previously on this blog.

That means that I have no immediate plans to get rid of this domain and I have every plan to keep these posts up at least until the end of 2016.  I know myself and I know how random I am; I may get an itch here or there to blog about something or I may want to use this as a way to get information out about the newness.  Keep following the Facebook page, and the IG & Twitter handles @girlwblkpearls!

Mark your calendars for SATURDAY, JULY 29, 2017.  That’s my 30th birthday and something will be launching that day.  I’m giving you a year’s notice so you can be sure not to miss it ;-).

I think that’s all I have for now.  If you have any questions/comments/etc., you can always email me at or leave a note below.  I will still be responsive to any and everything concerning this blog.  Thank you for allowing me this space to show you who I am.

Ash B 6.19.16

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Do you have any posts that are especially memorable to you?  I’d love to hear if you do!

I wish you all nothing but the best, however that journey looks for you.

Love always,



6 thoughts on “Better is the end of a thing.

  1. I love you, baby girl!!! You’re a phenomenal woman and I praise God for you — your beauty (inside and out), your drive, and your spirit!!! Continue to walk the path that God has laid before you; He has extraordinary things in store for you!!!!! Forever yours, Ma!

  2. in life, there are no edges that don’t connect to a giant circle 🙂 i love your writing, your authenticity and your freedom to follow the urgings further and further into your purpose. thanks for sharing!

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