Better is the end of a thing.

It's been thirty-four months since I started this blogging journey.  And what a journey it has been.  I've grown and I've evolved and this blog, the brand, has been one of the greatest catalysts for that growth.  Despite the visions and hopes I've had for growing and continuing to develop this blog, I've made the decision to discontinue … Continue reading Better is the end of a thing.

Being “Open-Minded” is Harder Than I Thought.

Most people would like to consider themselves open-minded.  I don't think it's a terrible goal for one to have for oneself, especially if you plan to be a bridge-builder or reconciler...or just a decent person.  The only problem is that I've recently discovered this personality trait to be so much harder to attain than I … Continue reading Being “Open-Minded” is Harder Than I Thought.

The Degree that Almost Didn’t Happen

On this coming Saturday at 10 am, I will be seated in graduation regalia at Liberty University, impatiently waiting for the moment I hear my name called.  This is a moment that admittedly almost didn't happen. When I started my tenure at Liberty, I began as a student in the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters program. … Continue reading The Degree that Almost Didn’t Happen

A Passion to Run…

...from the "calling". I was at my part-time job on Saturday where I work with preschoolers, a few with developmental disabilities and/or social-emotional difficulties.  I had been having an ongoing conversation with a parent over the past few Saturdays about some concerns, something that wasn't necessarily outside of my job description but was maybe a tad … Continue reading A Passion to Run…

Let’s Talk About Questions…

Hello and Happy Women's History Month to all!  Also, Happy Dr. Seuss Day to all who celebrate! I come to you all today with a very particular problem in mind.  I posted this very real interaction yesterday to my personal Facebook page: Him: Do you have any children? Me: No. Him: What are you waiting … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Questions…

Skinned: My [Incomplete] Journey to Self Love

Firstly - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2016 be everything sweet! I may have told this story before but I'm telling it again. When I was 7 years old, I was playing on the stairs of my childhood church when I lost my footing and fell down the entire staircase.  Thankfully, I was not seriously injured … Continue reading Skinned: My [Incomplete] Journey to Self Love

#TopTen: Major Personal Lessons from 2014

(Image: Wow, it's December 30, 2014.  What a year!  I am so grateful for the many lessons that I was blessed to learn this year and here are just a few that I'd like to highlight. 10. Don't be afraid. This sounds so easy, right? Right.  I don't think I've been shy about discussing ways in … Continue reading #TopTen: Major Personal Lessons from 2014