Mental Health Awareness Month: Self-Care as a Priority

Today is the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States.  It has been a long May for me personally, with lots of waiting and lots of personal boundaries pushed.  I have felt tons of pressure to always be present and always be helpful and it has left me feeling drained.  Completely … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Self-Care as a Priority

A Note to You on Valentine’s Day (By You I Mean Me)

There's always something in me that breaks around this time of year. I've been actively expecting this day to roll around this year, as with every year, always resolving to be stoic and to put others before myself in order to achieve some worth from this day.  I thought I'd do the same this year … Continue reading A Note to You on Valentine’s Day (By You I Mean Me)

Let’s Talk About Questions…

Hello and Happy Women's History Month to all!  Also, Happy Dr. Seuss Day to all who celebrate! I come to you all today with a very particular problem in mind.  I posted this very real interaction yesterday to my personal Facebook page: Him: Do you have any children? Me: No. Him: What are you waiting … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Questions…

Skinned: My [Incomplete] Journey to Self Love

Firstly - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2016 be everything sweet! I may have told this story before but I'm telling it again. When I was 7 years old, I was playing on the stairs of my childhood church when I lost my footing and fell down the entire staircase.  Thankfully, I was not seriously injured … Continue reading Skinned: My [Incomplete] Journey to Self Love

I Admitted It. Now What?

Why are we so afraid to feel? Because denial. Denial keeps us unbothered.  Denial keeps us advancing.  Denial keeps us healing from those hurtful situations. Denial keeps us so bothered that it comes out in a number of ways.  Denial keeps us connected to situations and people for the sake of "saving face".  Denial convinces … Continue reading I Admitted It. Now What?

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!

I loved the students I was blessed to work with last year.  With one group, the lead teacher and I would give the students one minute math drills at the beginning of almost every math class session.  The students started on the same level at the beginning of the year.  Once we gave them the … Continue reading Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!