ReDEFINING Me: In Pursuit of a Affirmative Self Identity

This week’s blog is a post that I had the opportunity to contribute to the #ReDEFINING blog. Enjoy.


Every year I went through the same thing. I had always found comfort in being able to write out my feelings so I guess using it as my vice to describe how I felt about myself would be no different. I sat and looked at myself in the mirror for the longest time. The venom that I poured onto those pages was worse than I could pay my worst enemy to say. Perhaps it’s because for the longest time, my worst enemy was me and I didn’t know how to change the dialogue. I was not good enough for myself. Is there such a thing?


I sat in front of my guidance counselor in her office just one week shy of my high school graduation, scanning her face as she searched for the words to explain what she knew I didn’t want to hear. She began speaking in a…

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